New York Charm and More

Remi on chair

Remi poses on the living room chair as the Ladyslipper plant creates a beautiful backdrop with it’s periwinkle blue flowers in bloom just in time for spring.

As I sit here writing this, I can hear the rain as it hits upon my skylights.  I think what better way to awaken the garden than a spring rain.  To further awaken it,  I took the winter shield off my pond to reveal mini dancing daffodils, Grecian Windflower bulbs sprouting and Chequered Lillie bulbs emerging all of which I had planted last fall.  There’s something to be said about a garden in the spring that’s full of sprouting bulbs and perennials.  For me, the excitement of watching the perennials and bulbs emerge makes the expectation of the arrival of spring even more exciting.

Last fall, I moved an endless summer hydrangea from the side of the house to the front island bed.  It wasn’t getting enough sun to blossom so moving it will hopefully give it new life. I journeyed to Greenscapes in Jamesville, to find a rock suitable to add as a backdrop against the dominating evergreen tree behind the newly planted hydrangea.   I found a 630 LB rock shimmering in hues of greens and yellows from the St. Lawrence.  It was delivered the following week and became the much needed element in the island.  It became center stage against the existing anemones, white and purple butterfly bushes, black eyed susans and a white cone hydrangea shrub.

“You’re invited to tour a secret garden” was the invite to view my garden from a local garden club.   They are coming mid-June for their breakfast meeting.  I will be offering scrumptious overnight pecan buns (so easy to make!), homemade best ever banana bread, the best gluten free muffins I’ve ever tasted along with Barefoot Contessa’s Banana Crunch Muffins, that are a bestseller at her restaurant, as well as fresh fruit, homemade granola and yogurt.  I will be giving a speech and demonstration on, “Entertaining?”  Decorate your table with flowers.”  They will then do a walking tour of my front “secret garden” and back garden along with viewing my two adjoining neighbors’ gardens who I invited to participate as they both create beautiful gardens as well.

For the second year in a row, I chaired the Greater Manlius Chamber of Commerce’s Spring Dinner Silent and Live Auction which, was held on April 14th, at Traditions at the Links.  The auction, is the Chamber’s biggest event benefiting the Greater Manlius Chamber of Commerce, FM Community Outreach in Manlius and Heaven’s Pantry in Minoa.  There were over 200 people that attended the social event.  As the president of the Chamber stated the other night, I actually created a production. I guess I never thought of it that way but there was live entertainment that filled the air. Brick House by the Commodores came on as the live auction opened up and the first auction item came up for bid, The Lion Sleeps Tonight played as a kayak was carried out by a Syracuse Crunch member. Megan Coleman from a local newscast modeled a bracelet being auctioned off and much more!  I was glad when the event was over.  It was a lot of work and worries but, in the long run, it was a fun evening and very successful! I couldn’t have done it without my incredible committee.

On one of my many walks, I happened to look back over at our condo and felt blessed to have captured such a beautiful watercolor picture.  Almost as if someone had painted it. I have asked my dear friend, Lenora, who’s a very talented artist, to paint the picture for my husband and me.   A few days later, I was working at my desk and noticed a storm quickly approaching.  I went out on the deck to capture the approaching storm clouds.  The lake, spring fed from Green Lakes, was showing it’s true colors!  As I stepped back inside, there was a flash of light and a tremendous crash.  I thought for sure the condo had been hit. The cats disappeared under the bed for hours. The next day as I ventured out on my walk down the path next to our condo, I saw where the lighting had struck.  There was a large tree with its bark completely stripped off from the top down and the pieces were scattered everywhere.

EV Walk

A “watercolor painting” captured on one of my many walks.

EV Storm

A storm approaches as lighting strikes a tree very close by. The bark completely stripped off from the top down and pieces of it were scattered everywhere.

rainbow 2

Looking for my pot of gold after the storm with the brightest rainbow I have ever seen.

I  have posted the much anticipated professional photographs that were taken at my client’s beautiful home I recently completed decorating. I entitled it, “New York Charm” as so much thought and detail went into the process of creating their charming home.  Please visit to view the rest of the amazing photographs of their home.


The elements in the living space encompasses old beams from a barn, a bead board ceiling and a stone fireplace that all adds to the comfort one feels in the room while taking in the beautiful view of the golf course.

I’m working on a marvelous “Industrial theme Guest Cottage” in Skaneateles that’s in the process of being built.  We’ve selected wide planked ruff looking hardwood floors, leathered granite in the kitchen and corrugated metal on the walls.  There are no cabinets above in the kitchen. Only shelves held up by metal rods.   I am also working on a glorious new home being built in Fayetteville with a Cape Cod feel inside.  Hues of ocean salt air and shimmering shells fill each space as the rooms unfold.  A soapstone countertop on the island in the kitchen, bead board cathedral ceiling in the kitchen eating area and beautiful marble and limestone tiles in the bathroom.

I will keep you up to date on the process of these beautiful homes.  I feel so lucky to do what I do.  So many great clients/friends that come my way with so many diversified styles to keep my creative flow going.