Sami in her warmed blanket.

Sami was my third Abyssinian and one that was the most challenging but, one that was so devoted to me and me to her. I find myself putting extra food on the plate for her when I’m feeding my other Aby, Remi, heading to warm her blanket before I go to bed for her to cuddle up in at night and looking for my girl in the morning as she would always come up next to me in bed before I got up. It is sad that now Remi gets up in bed while I’m reading at night and slowly goes over to Sam’s blanket with his head down smelling and looking.  He’s still looking for her even though it’s been over a week and seems to cry out at unusual times as if calling and looking for her. I am sure we will all adapt to our loss, but it sure is hard as a lot of you know and understand. Rest in peace my beautiful girl.