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Day Trip

Nothing is better than playing hooky on a slow day when the weather is as glorious as it was the other morning when I awoke.  I said to my husband, “let’s take a day trip somewhere.”  So off we went to the Montezuma Swamps.  I’ve always wanted to drive through the swamps and hike the […]

The Front Porch/Former Splendor

I remember when I was young my parents would drive my sister and I to Albany to visit our grandmother.  As we came upon her beautiful brick home, there she would be, sitting on the front porch in a white rocking chair surrounded by beautifully colored ceramic pots with wonderful flowers cascading down them. Our home in Buffalo, […]

Love the styling

 I love the styling of this line, Monterey Sands, from Lexington Home Brands – A wonderful furniture line I’ve been selling for years.  Their showroom at the Furniture and Accessory Market I travel to in October in High Point, North Carolina is amazing.   I remember once, to show off a new line of furniture they were introducing, their stylist created […]


“HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS……….”                      HAPPY VALENTINES DAY……..Marcia                                                                                     

Outdoor Spaces

When my husband and I moved into our condominium six years ago, my gardening flourished.  You are restricted in what you can do to the outside when you have a Homeowners Association so my challenge began.   Each year,  I have created spaces outdoors that you can sit, read or reflect in.  One of my passions along with decorating is […]

Somerset Bay

Don’t you just love this!  This article is in the February/March 2013 issue of Traditional Home Magazine.  The furniture featured is a line I sell called Somerset Bay.  I just ordered three new pieces for stock.  Everytime I place the new pieces in my studio/home, they go right out the door.  One piece I ordered is the Augusta Box […]

“Living with Mate-Lasse” – How my Husband Deals With Being Married to An Interior Designer.

 “Mate-Lesse” – that’s what my husband said the other day.  When does the “mate-lesse summer spread come out?”  “It’s February,” I said.  He thinks that’s a cool word and he uses it whenever he can.  I myself find it an interesting word as well.  For those of you not quite sure what it means, it’s  a jacquard […]