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Too Fast and More

Dasher poses for his portrait. If you’ve been following my blog, you know we had to put our Abyssinian cat, Sami down. Months later, Dasher came into our lives. As you can see from the picture above, he has become quite the handsome boy. He’s so full of energy; more so than any other Aby […]

Through the Seasons

It’s amazing to me that this little skinny, big eared, long legged, big foot kitten could bring so much joy to me. When I brought him home at 13 weeks, my husband said, “He looks like the “reindeer” dog in the Grinch Stole Christmas. And so, the name Dasher “Dash” was adopted.  As you can […]


Sami was my third Abyssinian and one that was the most challenging but, one that was so devoted to me and me to her. I find myself putting extra food on the plate for her when I’m feeding my other Aby, Remi, heading to warm her blanket before I go to bed for her to […]

Do you get Transported?

  Do you ever get transported?  By that I mean do you zone out? I do……Some instances when I get transported is when I’m picking paint colors, when I’m visualizing something in a room, when I walk or when I listen to music.  I was transported one evening when I had the wonderful opportunity to […]

Finding Time and More….

Most people can’t seem to find enough time in the day… I know I’m guilty. I’ve been trying to find time to write my blog and download photographs on Houzz of a new home I recently completed. I worked on so many wonderful projects last winter that continued into spring.  A personal project of mine […]

No Regrets….Just Dreams Come True

With the difficult time in the US right now, we approach the holidays unsure of what the future holds so let us capture the beauty that surrounds us and as American author, Carolyne Roehm recently stated, “When in doubt, or sadness, I still think the beauty of nature is always inspiring and restorative – whether […]

“Why I Wake Early”

    “Why I Wake Early” by Mary Oliver, is a book of poems a dear friend of mine gave me many years ago. She knew I loved the early mornings. This summer, rising as the sun was barely coming up over the Green Lakes hillside, I would make my coffee and head out into […]

Sharing Bits and Pieces

Remi, my Abyssinian cat, seems quite content buried under fabrics being shown to me by one of my fabric reps. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  With all the disturbing events happening close to home and overseas, I linger longer than normal looking at the small, individual efforts that people make to embrace […]